Dimsum disappointment. Kakiage Don win.

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Around mid-morning, I was talking to Anne while she was waiting for her next class. She casually mentioned that her friends told her Ahfat 3 was already open and that they were serving dimsum. I suddenly remembered craving for dimsum a few days ago and asked her if she's interested in trying out the dimsum there. She replied "Sure," since it was looking like the instructor wasn't going to show up anyway.

We made our plans and after a quick trip to get my long-awaited buzzcut, we hightailed to Victoria Plaza.

However, disappointment awaited us. We were informed that dimsum is only served between 7:30AM until 10:30AM and 2:30PM until 4:30PM. Nuts. (The upside is they open 7:30AM. Early morning dimsum cravings will be satisfied.)

Prices seem ok. I'm looking at the hakaw and xio long pao (I'm assuming it's the same as the xia long bao Christian has been telling me about).

We went away dejected.

Frustrated and hungry, we wandered aimlessly, first peaking peeking our heads into a pricey pasta place then into a restaurant that specialized in goat and native chicken dishes. We eventually decided to go for Japanese. We settled for Akiko.

I perused the menu and thought about having ika sushi or sashimi. Anne, however, pointed me to their Lunch Menu (available Mondays to Fridays only) and I ended up picking kakiage don with miso soup. She ordered corokke rice with miso soup.

Kakiage Don is "rice topped with deep fried shrimps and squids with carrots and onions in a special sauce." Corokke rice is "fried coated beef mixed with mashed potatoes, carrots and onions. Served with rice and potato salad..."


The kakiage don tasted good especially since it was covered with caramelized onion and I'm a big fan of onion. The miso soup went well with what I had. All in all it was a pretty satisfying meal.

I only took a nibble of the corokke so I can't say much about it. I liked the potato salad though; there were strips of green things that added a crunchy texture to an otherwise mushy side dish. Anne thinks those were strips of cucumber skin. I can't tell for sure. I also liked the horseradish paste.

I forgot to mention that it was my first time at Akiko. Friends have told me that the food there is good. I agree. The place is pricey though. Still, it's one place I'd go to if I want good Japanese food.

The kakiage don assuaged my disappointment a bit but we will have dimsum. Very soon.


  1. Brendel said...
  2. How pricey?

  3. Jim said...
  4. A sashimi platter with 4 different kinds of sashimi with two pieces each cost ₱410. Their pork ramen (shoyu ramen) cost ₱220.